WPI's Top ICO Picks

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Visus (VIS) - Automotive crypto financing option. 

WPI ICO Pool Runs July 26th until August 6th 2018 or until 100 ETH has been gathered.

WPI ICO Pool Price: 0.50 USD with 100% Bonus*.

KYC is not required. ERC-20 Token.

PrimaBlock ICO Pool Link click here.

VISUS bonds auto dealers and cryptocurrency and is the front running automotive crypto financing option. The concept behind our project is related to automotive industry and it is heavily dependent on block chain technology. Approach is quite simple yet efficient. It encompasses a simple concept that helps users to purchase a car without fiat money. Visus also helps reduce the exorbitant cost involved in purchasing a car as a result of conversion, hidden charges and the fact that cryptocurrencies are being taxed in more and more countries as we speak. We will shield our customers from costs that arise from tax and coversion fee thereby helping them save more as they purchase their desired vehicle.

How Does VISUS Work?

Consider a scenario where Joe wants to purchase a car, but he does not have any fiat money. Joe does have crypto-assets but cashing out to fiat will cost him up to 30-35% conversion fee + regulations that strictly monitor all his transactions.

This Implies that Joe has to pay at least 30-35% more than the actual price if he wants to buy a car and this gets him very disappointed, on top of his emotions, he has to pay more to buy a car of his choice.

Visus comes to his rescue by partnering up and signing official contracts with auto dealerships, thereby requesting Joe to provide the actual amount of the car plus a small commission for using Visus platform.

Visus confirms with the dealership where Joe’s car is for sale and provides the actual amount for the dealer directly in fiat money, thereby confirming that the car was bought by Visus for Joe. The only thing Joe has to do, is to go to the dealership, sign the ownership document, spin the key and drive back home with a brand new car that he bought using cryptocurrency, not touching bank or fiat money at all!

Visit the website at http://visus.co/
July 27, 2018

PrimaBlock Pool Info -

If you have never used PrimaBlock before please visit Primablock.com to sign up or https://primablock.com/support for help. PrimaBlock is made to handle ERC-20 tokens and can only take contributions in ETHEREUM!

BEWARE if you use anything else than ETH to contribute to Primablock and this pool WPI nor Visus is responsible for any possible loss nor damages!

You can contribute to this pool at https://primablock.com/p/M_8rI12YWj0/contributor as many times as you like during the time allowed. You can follow the progress via your dashboard or the contract address 0x8640189fe88e8751498b8c7b83fbbd904eafb123

This pool will run from July 26th until August 6th 2018 or until 100 ETH has been gathered. If we meet the cap of this pool we will gladly work on a Round 2 with Visus.

*Visus is giving us a 100% bonus on this pool as long as the minimum of $5000 USD has been met. If by August 6th this has not been reached the pool will be closed and you can request a refund from primablock. All details would be given to all contributor's.

PrimaBlock charges a 0.5% charge for using their platform and WPI will be charging an additional 0.5% to handle any additional charges that may occur.
Have FUN and make sure to spread the word concerning this great opportunity!!

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Mandala (MDX) - The next generation of digital asset exchange.


Crowdsale Ends July 13, 2018
(Non-USA residents only, KYC required).

Price: 0.07 USD with 10% Bonus.

Mandala will empower traders and investors with tools and resources that can increase their profit potential, performance and understandings. Enhancing the experience and acknowledging a new wave of market participants, Mandala removes the ‘house edge’. Risky participation becomes informed strategy and decision making through Mandala’s tools, resources and customizable interface.

Mandala revolutionizes the industry, driving desperately needed change that will foster advancement.

  • Advanced risk controls and tools
  • Trading of any digital asset
  • Advanced & custom APIs
  • Modular design, customizable interface
  • Enhanced security and order routing
  • Scalable trading engine
  • KYC/AML compliance
  • 24/7 Platform and multi-language
  • Social and Marketplace platform integration

MDX Functional Token — Platform development and crowdsale

MDX, a functional token that helps novice market participants hone their expertise, while experienced traders and investors find opportunity in a new, alternative platform. Mandala will implement both Reg S and Reg A+ Securities Act exemptions to facilitate compliant fundraising. The MDX crowdsale, conducted in Ethereum, commences May 11th, 2018, open to international contributors only (Non-U.S.). All funds raised during the token sale will be used to execute the Mandala roadmap and development plans.

260,000,000 MDX tokens (ERC-20) crowdsale distribution represents 65% of the total MDX supply.

Regulation & Compliance — Taking the “Wild” out of the “West”

Regulators and legal bodies are fulfilling their consumer protection mandates, ensuring digital asset exchanges will become fair, organized and legal. Emboldened, Mandala retained a veteran legal team to work with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission in achieving compliance. Industry leaders have a duty to lead with integrity and ensure the necessary steps are taken to protect users, further the adoption of blockchain technologies and meet the requirements of global securities laws.

Raising The Standard Of Expectation — Mandala brings opportunity to the masses

Digital assets broaden the investment and trading industry, but with limited resources, unfriendly user interfaces and outdated tutorials, novices are left behind. Mandala simplifies the experience through a platform designed to help market participants enhance their knowledge and skills. Embracing responsibility as an industry leader, Mandala will ensure cryptocurrency and digital assets aren’t just a blip on the road map of human and technological history. Working with regulators is paramount to securing the future of blockchain based investment vehicles. With users front of mind, Mandala connects the universe through blockchain, leading the evolution of the digital asset trading industry.


July 7, 2018

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