Our Team

Welcome to the Evolution, where our goal is to change the perspective of Smart Contracts and creating passive income that's changing all of our lives! Hold on to your pants cause this RIDE is FAST and FURIOUS straight to the bank. We have teams working around the clock to find investment opportunities, long term hodl's, and block chain opportunities that will allow you to diversify your portfolio in a manner that will keep you cashing checks for the long haul.

CCB pic.png

Crypto Country Boy
Chief of Operations

Former gamer turned Day Trader and Crypto Enthusiast CCB (Crypto Country Boy) has been making waves since the induction of his band of misfits known only as the WPI Team.  He's setting trends and speaking pig to the prophet Franklin who guides us in our investments.

YouTube Channel for live streams and updates: 

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Crypto Gemz
PR and Social Media

She's the Crypto Savior, come to shill us all back into profit with her knowledgable insights.  Crypto Gemz is a YouTuber and Crypto Enthusiast who has worked hard to build a portfolio that even the best traders would admire.

YouTube Channel:


Obi Wan Kenobi

Who is this Wooki who stole Obi Wans name?  He's that rapscallion of the interwebs working his magic on the back end to ensure the logistics of the site and project function as designed.  With little more known about him the thought is he was hatched and then dropped from space!